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Turbidity Meter, EPA 180.1 Compliant

Introducing Apera TN500 portable turbidity meter! NEW!!

Apera TN500 uses a tungsten filament lamp as the light source and 90° scattering method, which is compliant with the U.S EPA 180.1 method for the determination of turbidity in drinking, ground, surface, and saline waters, domestic and industrial wastes. The instrument is designed for water quality professionals, offering long-term reliability in high-accuracy turbidity measurement with an intuitive operation system, simple calibration, and GLP data management.

TN500 Key Features

  • EPA approved AMCO® standards

  • GLP with 200 sets of data storage and USB data output

  • Tungsten filament lamp light source

  • Zero turbidity error reminder

  • TruRead™ measurement mode

  • Rechargeable battery

Contact Nexbio 02-5307833 for product details.



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