Masterflex®  Peristaltic Pump

Powerful pumps built to last in challenging process, research and production environments

Precision, versatility, and ease of use make Masterflex peristaltic pump technology the preferred solution to increasing numbers of applications in the processing industry and in the lab. Masterflex is ideal for contamination free fluid transfer.


10,000+ Combinations

Masterflex pumps allow you to choose each component for your unique demands—change out components as your needs change


Segmented by flow rate:

• C/L®  Pumps: 0.00013-43 mL/min

• L/S®  Pumps with Easy Load :0.0005-3400 mL/min

• L/S®  Pumps with Cytoflow :0.03-7600 mL/min

• I/P®  Pumps: 0.001-19 Lpm

• B/T®  Pumps: 0.6-42 Lpm

Pump configuration :

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Easy-Load® 3

Easy-Load® II


High- Performance




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Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing:

•Slightly greater clarity

•Smooth surface; lower protein binding levels

•Fewer potential leachables

•Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology use

Peroxide-Cured Silicone Tubing:

•Greater physical compression capability

•Economical, longer tubing life

•Potential outgassing of peroxide

BioPharm Silicone Tubing:

•Ultra-smooth inner surface minimizes particle entrapment

•Very low extractables with documented biocompatibility for sensitive applications

•Ideal for lab, biotech, and pharma

BioPharm Silicone Plus Tubing:

•All of the benefits of BioPharm silicone tubing plus:

•Longest tubing life of any silicone tubing

•Lower spallation than regular silicone

•Enhanced pressure capacity

•Exceptional flow stability and dispense


Puri-Flex®  Tubing:

C-Flex®  ULTRA Tubing:

•Heat sealable and weldable

•Long pump life when compared to silicone or many other thermoplastic elastomer tubing.

•Low spallation when compared to silicone

•All of the benefits of C-Flex tubing plus:

•Longest pump life of any C-Flex formulation

•Low spallation and reduced residue

•Engineered specifically for peristaltic pumps

C-Flex®  Tubing:

•Combines biocompatibility of silicone with chemical resistance of Tygon

•Heat sealable, weldable, economical

PharMed® BPT Tubing:

•Up to 10000 hours of tubing life

•Resists ozone and UV radiation

•Noncytotoxic and nonhemolytic

•Ideal for tissue and cell culture

•Heat selable and bondable


•Biocompatibility similar to PharMed BPT

•Longest life under continuous pressure up to 2.7bar (40psi)

•Very low spallation and low extractables

PTFE Tubing:

•Chemically inert; best chemical resistance of any pump tubing

•Sold in molded pump tubing elements

•Use with PTFE-tubing pump

PharmaPure® Tubing:

Chem-Durance® Bio Tubing:

•Excellent chemical resistance

•Excellent pumping life

•Low spallation

•USP class VI specifications

•Longest tubing life of all Tygon tubing formulations

•Broad chemical compatibility

•Low gas permeability

Tygon®  E-Food Tubing:

Chem-Durance® Bio Tubing:

•Meets various food and sanitary regulations; unaffected by common commercial sanitizers


Norprene® Tubing:

Tygon®  E-Lab Tubing:

•Ideal for general transfer applications


•Nontoxic, nonaging, and nonoxidizing

Tygon®  Fuel & Lubricant Tubing:

•Up to 10000 hours of tubing life

•Best choice for pressure/vacuum applications

•Resists heat and ozone

•Nonaging, nontoxic

•Ideal for transfering hydrocarbons e.g. gasoline, kerosene, glycol, etc.

•Not for use with conc. acids/bases

Tygon®  Chemical Tubing:

Norpene® Tubing:

•Ideal for high-temperature food and beverage applications

•Similar characteristics as Norprene® tubing

•Meeds FDA- and NSF-standards

•Best chemical resistance of Tygon formulations

•Compatible with some organics



Viton®  Tubing:

•Excellent chemical resistance

•Resists corrosives, some solvents, oils at elevated temperatures

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