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Johnson Filtration

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Filter Papers

- Qualitative

- Quantitative

- Environmental Monitoring

- Grade 1,2,3,4,5,40,41,42,50,52,93,113,114 etc


Extraction Thimbles

- Cellulose Extraction Thimbles
- Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

nylon_membrane_filter-wprod (2).jpg


- Sterile Membranes

- Non Sterile Membranes

- Material: CA, CN, MCE, Nylon, PP, PTFE, PES, PVDF

Copy of Copy of MeTech Syringe Filters.j

Syringe Filter

- Dia Size : 13 mm, 25 mm 

- Pore size : 0.2 µm, 0.45 µm

- Material : MCE, PES, CA, Nylon, PVDF, PTFE,     

- Combi Syringe Filter


Glass Fibre Filters

Grade : 50A, 50B, 50C, 50D, 506,508

Rapid Tests

Copy of Copy of J-QUANT.jpg

J-QUANT® Test Strips

: Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Peracetic Acid, Peroxide,     Sulphite, Total Chlorine, Water Hardness

pH Indicator.jpg

pH Indicator Strips and Paper

Copy of Copy of pH 0-14 strips.jpg

Universal Indicator Strip pH 0-14

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