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THERMO AQUAMATE Spectrophotometer

Intuitive spectrophotometer incorporates:


  • 260 preprogrammed test methods, and flexibility to program your own custom methods

  • A wide variety of vial sizes can be used, including 10mm square vials, 20 and 50mm rectangular vials, and an adjustable round vial holder that accommodates 13, 16, and 24mm round vials

  • USB connections provide the options to store methods and data to a USB memory stick, transfer data to a computer, and print hard copy data to an external printer

  • The system is compatible with inkjet and laser printers

  • 7-inch, high-resolution glove-friendly touchscreen interface

  • Compatible with Orion AQUAfast, Merck, CHEMetrics or Hach chemistries


  • Performance verification tests ensure wavelength accuracy and instrument functionality

  • GLP and GMP compliant

THERMO AQUAMATE 8100 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  • UV-Visible wavelengths from 190 to 1100nm

  • Dual-beam optics

  • Xenon flash lamp (no warm-up required)

  • 2nm spectral bandwidth

  • Wavelength scanning at speeds up to 1,600nm per minute

THERMO AQUAMATE 7100 VIS-Spectrophotometer

  • Visible wavelengths from 325 to 1100nm

  • Dual-beam optics

  • Tungsten-halogen lamp

  • 5nm spectral bandwidth

  • Wavelength scanning automatic up to 1,800nm per minute

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