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Laboratory work involves purifying, enriching or separating for subsequent analysis. Various chemical and physical methods can be used for this purpose. Nexbio provides an extensive range of instrumentation that enable scientific discovery, offering precision, speed and easy handling, suitable for water analysis, measurement of specific food parameters, chemistry applications, pharmaceutical or controlling production processes.


Core life sciences and translational science, applying research discoveries to address health needs and food safety, are built on the complex interconnected foundation provided by research in genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, metabolomics, and much more.
At Nexbio, our mission is to enable you to simplify your workflow, improve your data reproducibility and generate verifiable science so that you can advance the molecular mechanisms of many diseases and accelerate therapeutic treatments.


Faced with the need to determine a variety of environmental contaminants from complex matrices, environmental laboratories often look for ways to make sample preparation more efficient prior to the determination of the analytes of interest. Nexbio products can help researchers use the perfect tools for water analysis both on-field and laboratory and further analyze with research instrumentation to provide reliable test data.

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