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Moisture Determination In Pharmaceuticals

Moisture Analyzer by Adam Equipment, UK

What is the Difference Between Water Content Analysis and Moisture Content Analysis? Water content only applies the quantity of water present in the sample. Moisture content also only applies to components in gas form, while water content includes both gas and liquid form. Moisture analysis tells us how wet or dry a sample is. A sample can be made more moist by compounds that aren’t water, so it’s important to measure that as well as the amount of water. Water content is usually measured through titration, especially the famous Karl Fischer method. Moisture content, by contrast, is measured primarily through loss on drying, which essentially means the sample is weighed, then dried or heated, and then weighed again to measure the difference.

Why Use a Moisture Analyzer to Measure the Moisture Content of Pharmaceuticals?

Moisture analysis can be achieved through various means, including methods like oven or chemical titration. Ovens can reach high temperatures, but they can be clunky. Chemical titration can struggle with components that contain little moisture to begin with, especially if the moisture involved is caused by liquids that are not mostly water.

Adam Equipment PMB moisture analyzer offers three heating modes for a controlled drying process. These devices are also fast and allow for data communication to improve traceability and repeatability.

Moisture is a key component of a compound’s texture and binding properties.

Moisture is also important for production and distribution, as machinery and delivery systems are highly specialized. If syrup contains too much moisture, for example, it could leave residue in machines that could eventually clog them, causing an. Many reagents used in testing and titration react to water or moisture. If these components feature too much or too little moisture, they could lead to false positives or negatives, or indicate erroneous results. Because moisture analysis is so important, tests are conducted through every stage of the process, including packaging. It’s necessary to make sure that medicine will remain stable and resistant to water, dust or humidity ingress while still packaged.

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