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Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate Stirrers

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Glazed with BioCote® for antimicrobial protection

The Cole-Parmer® Stuart™ range includes dedicated hotplates, stirrers, and combination hotplate stirrer models, which are available in a choice of coated metal or ceramic tops. The square design of the hotplate allows flexibility of vessel sizes and combinations; e.g. four 250 mL beakers can easily fit on the hotplate surface at the same time.

Key features

  • Save Space - compact, stackable design for reduced benchtop and storage footprint

  • Safe - hot warning light remains on even when unplugged

  • Robust - built with a tough aluminum casing for longevity

  • Convenient - controller retort stand easily nests underneath the unit

Choice of Surfaces

Hotplates and hotplate stirrers are available in glass-ceramic or coated metal tops; the square-shaped surfaces allow more flexibility in vessel sizes and combinations.

Glass Ceramic

Glass-ceramic surface provides excellent chemical resistance; easy to clean with thermal properties that allow very high plate temperatures. The white surface ensures good visibility of any changes in sample color, for example during titration reactions.

Ceramic-Coated Aluminium

Ceramic-coated aluminum/silicon alloy offers robustness. The thin ceramic coating provides added chemical resistance, while the 700W element allows rapid heating to the desired temperature.

Stainless Steel

Strong stainless steel (US151 only) surface aids accurate stirring. Unlike aluminum, it

does not produce eddy currents and ensures robust coupling and powerful stirring action.


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