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CANNABIS Research : A Growing Industry

Cannabis product for medicinal use requires a good range of equipment from cultivation to laboratory testing for potency, cannabinoid profile, strain analysis, moisture content, and contaminants.

Here we feature some of the best and latest laboratory instruments for cannabis testing. One-stop solution for growers, extractors, and manufacturers.

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Cultivation and Growth

Soil should be properly monitored for correct pH and plants receive an appropriate amount of water level. Typical humidity levels range between 60 and 75% for all growth stages (clone room, vegetative room, flowering room, and the final stages of flowering).

  • Soil test kits – pH tester or portable meter

  • Humidity products – thermohygrometer


Extraction techniques are often used to isolate specific desirable compounds. Solvent extraction for soluble components of plants is one of the most common and economical forms of extraction.

Prior to extraction, sample preparation for cannabis testing depends on the condition of the sample prior to testing and the downstream application.

  • Rotary Evaporator or vacuum distillation system

  • Recirculators & Chillers

  • Ultra Low Freezer

  • Consumables for sample preparation – Johnson Test Paper


Downstream quality control in various test forms to comply with regulations. Laboratory tests consist of microbial growth, pesticide residue, metal analysis, and distillation which includes the study of CBD, THC, or the exact Terpene of interest. PCR is the most common technique used for strain analysis.

  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer

  • Biosafety Cabinet

  • Thermal cyclers – PCR

  • Moisture balance

  • Chromatography

Storage & Monitoring

Cannabis can become contaminated with microorganisms such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and yeast as well as fungal toxins such as mycotoxins and aflatoxins. Temperature and humidity management are crucial to preventing contaminants.

  • Storage containers

  • Temperature measurement and dataloggers

  • Light meter


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