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Adam Equipment Semi Micro Balances


Adam Equipment, Solis Series SAB125i and SAB225i

Dual-range models

  • Select either 120g or 220g capacity

  • Readability 0.01mg / 0.1mg

  • Internal Calibration

Perfect solution for labs everywhere - Unique Features Include :

  • Semi-micro balances 0.01mg models

  • Printouts include date and time for data tracking within Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines

  • Formulation / Recipe function with up to 99 ingredients

  • Graphic capacity tracker continually displays used or available balance capacity during weighing operations

  • Selectable digital filtering helps minimize effects of vibration

  • Case and draft shield designed to reduce static electrical interference

  • Applications include :  Weighing, Parts counting, Percentage weighing, Check weighing, Dynamic / animal weighing, Density determination, Formulation

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