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Implen N120

New !!

NanoPhotometer® N120

Microvolume high throughput champion

Fast High Throughput

Stand-Alone Operation

Trusted Technology

Easy Sample Application

Clean with Confidence


Consistent Results

Certainty in Real Time

The new NanoPhotometer® N120

Reliably analyze up to 12 samples per run

Key features

✔ Recalibration - free

✔ True Path Technology™ : Lifetime Accuracy guaranteed

✔ Simple Compression Technology™ : no evaporation, smallest volume

✔ Impurity and air bubble recognition with Sample Control™ and Blank Control™

✔ Universal Data Output : Excel and PDF files

✔ Built-in low vibration vortex

✔ 0.3 μl or 1-2 μl sample volume

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