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FREE Trial Implen nanophotometer: NP80 Nanovolume + Cuvette


Professional Quantification

  • Nucleic acids : DNA & RNA & Oligo

  • Labelling of Nucleic acids

  • Protein synthesis & Protein assay

  • Bacteria & Yeast

Limitless Spectroscopy for nano-volume and cuvette applications

Flexible: Built-in control from powerful dual core processor operating system with LCD touchscreen backed by 8 GB of memory or remote control via smart phone, tablet, or PC/Mac

Mobile: Stand-alone operation with up to 8 hours of battery support

Automatic sample dilution and Purity verification: Avoid manual sample dilution errors

Recalibration & Maintenance Free: Sample Compression Technology combined with True Path Technology provides accurate results with no follow up costs. Reliable over lifetime without path length drift due to robust dual anchor point design

CALL Nexbio @ 02-5307833 for FREE demo today!

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