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HIMEDIA offers wide selection of Protein Stains for Western Blotting

Himedia Protein Stains - Product Selection:

  • Coomassie® Brilliant Blue Stain – Cat No : ML046

  • Zinc Stain-Destain Kit – Cat No : ML124

  • Silver Staining Kit – Cat No : ML123

  • Ponceau-S Stain & Fixative – Cat No : ML045

  • X-Press Blue™ Protein Stain – Cat No : ML091

Coomassie Brilliant Blue Stain composed of s 0.25% (w/v) Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 in 45% (v/v) methanol and 10% (v/v) glacial acetic acid is a very common dye used for traditionally staining of protein bands in acrylamide gels after PAGE. Protein bands form an intense blue color when stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue. This staining is very convenient as it involves a single, ready-to-use reagent and does not modify the target proteins.

The Zinc Stain-Destain Kit is widely used for protein staining purpose. Zinc Stain-Destain Kit contains a zinc-based reversible, highly sensitive protein gel stain and a destaining solution. Zinc Stain is a unique staining solution as it functions in a reversible way as the protein bands on the polyacrylamide gels disappear completely after treatment with the Destaining solution. It is is very rapid and sensitive.

Silver staining for detection of proteins following gel electrophoresis have higher sensitivity of protein detection. This staining method is generally accepted to be several times more sensitive than methods using Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250. Himedia’s Silver Staining Kit is based upon the method developed by M. Swain and N.W. Ross in 1995.

Ponceau-S Stain also referred to as negative stain is a ready–to–use, reversible staining solution formulated for fast staining of protein bands on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes during Western blotting procedure as well as cellulose acetate membranes. It stains protein bands red with a clear background and can be washed off under running water. It is composed of 0.5% (w/v) Ponceau S in 1% (v/v) glacial acetic acid.

Ponceau-S Fixative is a ready–to–use staining solution formulated for staining and fixing protein bands transferred on nitrocellulose, PVDF or cellulose acetate membranes. contains 2% (w/v) Ponceau S in 30% TCA and 30% sulfosalicylic acid. It is especially useful in preserving protein marker lanes on membranes when prestained markers are not used.

X-Press Blue™ Protein Stain (SafeBlue Protein Stain) is Coomassie® G-250 based rapid, ultrasensitive ready-to-use staining solution used in visualizing protein bands on SDS-PAGE. Unlike other gel staining systems no destaining is required while using X-Press Blue™ Protein Stain (SafeBlue Protein Stain). This reagent stains only proteins and leaves the gel background relatively unstained so that the protein bands are visualized directly during the staining process. This results in the saving of time as the staining can be stopped when the protein bands have been properly stained.

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